• Chang Seon Lee, President of Koryo (one Korea's largest contact lens company)

    “Zocular works great over contact lens! Not only that, it feels great on the skin!  Great for my contact lens clients!"
  • Ellen T.

    “I really liked your product, what a brilliant idea, using Okra for dry eyes!"
  • Dr. Fan Wei (ophthalmologist)

    “I want to bring ZocuWipes for my dry-eyes patients. It worked so well!  Superior to other wipes”
  • Lacee C.

    "I was able to stop all my prescribed medications, (moreoever, they were not working) after one week of ZocuZap.  It's easy to use, once-a-day in a towelette, leaving my skin to its natural texture, and prevents new break-outs."

  • Clayton T.

    "ZocuZap is really convenient to use.  I used ZocuZap for 20-30 seconds right after my game. No need to rinse, it works for my back as well."

  • Mr. Tien N.

    "Even for the late break-outs, they subside instead of breaking out after using ZocuZap for only a few days, leaving less scar for my face."

  • Brandon C.

    "My Mom noticed drastic skin improvements on my right side after 7 days, once-a-day ZocuZap wipes."