Zocular® products are the result of transformative research and development on dry eye by Dr. Peter Pham. The link between the eye and skin led to the development of a natural and proprietary activated okra complex called ZokrexTM. Our okra-based formulation with Zokrex changes the paradigm for both eye care and skin care by catering to the intrinsic needs of your eye and skin with natural solutions, not with harsh drugs or synthetic compounds. We recently introduced the ZocuKitTM Professional Eyelid Intervention System to provide eye care professionals with most gentle, convenient, and effective platform to address almost any eyelid issue. ZocuKitTM is an in-office procedure performed at your local eye care professional’s office to help your eyes feel and look better.  If you haven’t experienced the amazing results with ZocuKit, find a local Zocular Professional near you by using the search bar at the top of the page.  Experience the Zocular® difference for yourself!


(50 US States)